Hiring Local vs. Overseas

globeIf you’re starting your search for a Virtual Assistants (VAs), you know there are a lot of options. Do you find someone in the U.S. or do you venture overseas to the Philippines, for instance? There are advantages to both.

When you work with a VA who is U.S. based, time is on your side. Your business hours are going to be in line with your VA’s. Granted, you may be on the east coast and your VA may be on the west coast but you’re not dealing with a 7-10 hour time difference working with a VA overseas.

Depending on your needs, you will find many independent U.S.-based VAs who only have a handful of clients, as opposed to many overseas VA companies who have multiple service providers who do not work exclusively with one client.

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MILLION DOLLAR TIP :: Picking Your Website Address

How to Buy a Website AddressHere’s a million dollar tip most web designers, SEO specialists and online gurus will never share with you.

When you’re looking to create a website for your business, you want to pick a URL (website or domain address) that has specific keywords in it.

What are keywords? Think of keywords as descriptive words that would describe the services you provide. For example, are you a lawyer that practices in the state of California and you specialize in surrogacy? Keywords relevant to your work would be: California Surrogacy Lawyer.

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GREAT RESOURCE :: Free Adobe e-Learning

Virtual Assistant CaliforniaHave you ever wanted to learn Photoshop or Illustrator but didn’t have the time to attend a class? I just stumbled onto a (free! ) resource that will teach you A L L of the Adobe products, including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Did I mention it was F R E E !!?

The fine people at Adobe have created Adobe TV, video tutorials from novice to expert. After creating an account, watch whichever video you please and dedicate as much time as you can.

You’re welcome.

2016 Marketing Challenge

Here’s a challenge for those of you marketing your businesses through social media. Instead of asking people to “like” your Page or sign up for your newsletter, why not “like” their Page and sign up for their newsletter FIRST? Make it about others instead of yourself. It’s a great trust-building tool that focuses on others rather than focusing on ourselves.

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How to work with a Virtual AssistantWorking with a Virtual Assistant can be a tremendous asset for small business owners who work out of their home offices and don’t have traditional office support. While the business model has been around for 20 years, it’s new to many people.

After doing an initial Google search to find a few first page ranked candidates, potential clients send me an email and set up a free phone call. This initial consultation is an opportunity for clients to hear my voice and gauge whether or not we’re on the same page.

After this initial call, if potential clients are interested in moving forward, I send the some initial paperwork and first month’s invoice. I make myself available to have another call to go over the fine print and discuss any questions that may have arisen.

This second call is really meant to get down to the nitty gritty, a much more in-depth opportunity to fine tune expectations and figure out top three priorities clients would like to work on once they’ve signed at the dotted line.

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GREAT (!) Link Alert

What to say and how to say it are always a concern for most clients who think they need to assume a “professional” demeanor when posting to their social media profiles.

In my experience, I found that leading with your authentic self (cuss words and all) is the best approach. It’s much more relate-able to potential clients and draws in your target market much more quickly.

In an effort to revive my lonely little blog, I’ve resorted to re-purposing this great link.

Click on the image (ala Pinterest) to take you to this awesome post (with a free worksheet)

how to find your social media voice